Water Bottle with Filter


Importance of Water Bottle with Filter

Water is no doubt one of the natural resources that man cannot just live without. That is, lack of water is incompatible with life. But once water had been found the next thing is the quality of the water. This simply means that water that is to be ingested must be pure. This is why medicine is making their point so clear that the quality of water is as much as important as the availability of water. So even though it is true that a lot of people access clean water through the various taps both at home and public, there is no telling the minute particles that could have contaminated this tap water.

After all this is considered, the packaging of the water is the next thing that will be considered. This is because if water is available and it is pure drinkable water, one will want to ensure that the clean water is collected in a clean container for either drinking or storage. It is in talking about this that we must mention the water bottle with filter. The water bottle with filter is a new modification of the normal water bottle. This helps people to be able drink their water with their mind rest assured that any invisible particle is being filtered off.

The water bottle with filter therefore has many benefits of which the most notable one will be that it provides a medium of purifying your drinking water right before it goes down your throat into your body. This means that ingestion of clean water which has a strong relationship with being healthy will now be provided for the water consumer; which is virtually every living thing, the human beings in particular.

 Applications for Water Bottle with Filter

Water Bottle with filter
Water Bottle with Filter Bobble

So from individuals that go on long road trips, biking, hiking, jogging, endurance trekking and those who visit the gymnasium, this water bottle with filter will certainly be a priceless water bottle to have. All that one needs to do is to collect their tap water into their water bottle with filter and the water will be filtered right before they drink it. This will ensure that they drink well purified water. There are many companies that produce this water bottle with filter and one can even order theirs online. This water bottle with filter also comes in different shapes and sizes so everyone is sure going to find a water bottle with filter that fits and suits them right.

So what else is there to know about the water bottle with filter that has not yet been said? Well, apart from the fact that you will need to get yours for yourself and for your kids, one will say that’s about it. The emphasis of the water bottle with filter lies in the filter which is its major feature and what exactly distinguishes it from any other water bottle. It is also true that the benefits of this water bottle with filter lies in the fact that it has a filter that prevents one from drinking any unseen particles with their clean tap water.


Women In America as Sex Objects Video

“Miss Representation” of Women in the USA

Miss Representation Women 8 min. Trailer 8/23/11 from Miss Representation on Vimeo.

Check it out on OWN in October. Amazing the America is 90th in the world for involvement of in politics. Incredible the imbalance of rights in America where women are not treated well by media. Women are portrayed as sex objects and demeaned almost everywhere you look. “The easiest way to give up our rights is to act like we have none” is a valid thought for everyone including women.


Kindling a Fire

Kindling a Fire

What is a Kindling a Fire?

Kindling a fire means to ignite.  Kindling a fire is adding small pieces of wood to get the fire started. It is the most basic and simple form of fire starting. You can combine Kindling a Fire with a flint to add sparks or use a match. Ever good fire starts with kindling and then larger pieces of wood or burnable items are added as additional fuel to keep the fire going.

How to kindling a fire



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How to start Kindling a Fire

1. Kindling also includes getting other materials needed to kindle the fire. You can use dry grass, dry leaves, sticks and paper.

2. You will want to make a tepee shape with your wood. Use your larger wood to make the outer tepee.

3. Use the dry grass and leaves in the inside of the tepee.

4. Ignite the middle of your tepee where your grass and leaves, and stick and small wood pieces are. It will ignite immediately. Let it engage and start burning.

5. As your fire is burning now when the fire goes down a little, add bigger pieces of wood to keep your fire going. That is the benefit of kindling a fire.


Although Kindling a Fire sounds extremely easy, it still takes practice.

Reason Kindling a Fire Fails

  • Large gusts of wind can knock out your fire quickly.
  • Putting too much wood on top quickly
  • Adding damp or moist wood
  • Not using enough kindling
  • Ground under the fire area is wet
  • Adding Fuel too quickly before kindling is really burning well
These are some common challenges you will face when kindling a fire. Practice makes perfect and soon enough you will be great at Kindling a Fire!

Learn how to save a life with the new Continuous Compression CPR technique

WATCH THIS CPR VIDEO and Learn how to save a life!!!

This is the new CPR technique which is much simpler than the previous method. Please watch and forward to / share with your friends and family. The life you save by passing this on may be your own.

What would you do if you see someone collapse? Naturally you know to call 911, but then what? Continuous compression CPR is more effective, does not require mouth to mouth and you do not have to be certified to perform this type of CPR.


Be a lifesaver; not a bystander. Learn Continuous Chest Compression CPR from Gordon A. Ewy, MD, and Karl Kern, MD, the physician researchers who developed this new approach to CPR.


New Continuous Compression CPR


Human by Cabin Of Love

Cabin Of Love

Julia and Nathan have a very unique outlook on life. And they are willing to share that outlook with you via their music, their writing and even in person hanging out with them.

“Human” song by Cabin of Love

Their music group or band from Owatonna Mn is called Cabin of Love. One of the songs that they wrote is called “Human”. It has to do with the sometimes stereo typical gender roles that our culture and society have assigned to men and women. Many of those demands, expectations or assumptions of roles just simply are not true.

Human by  Cabin of Love

You can read more about Cabin of Love and about Julia, Nathan and their family on Julia’s blog. You’ll find practical articles and writings about topics like “Helicopter Parents and Trophy Kids” or “More Thoughts about God and Violence”. You’ll enjoy her writing style and be challenged as you smile.



How to Pack To Move Cross Country

It is important to know how to pack to move cross country.   Even if you are having a moving company do all the packing you need to supervise the most fragile and sensitive items to make sure they are packed correctly. 

Basic Packing Tips for Moving Cross Country

1.  Use small to medium size boxes.   First time movers see big boxes and think that it will be a magic time saver to have a couple huge boxes.  Even if you are not filling them with heavy stuff they are unwieldy and hard to load onto a truck or even get through a door way.  

2.  Use as many of the same size boxes as possible.   When it comes to stacking boxes in a truck it is much easier if the boxes are identical shape and size.  We found that banana boxes from the local grocer are the best size box for general packing.  We have used them for books, clothing,

Packing Breakables to Move Cross Country

1.  Pack in the right size space.  All of your breakable items should be packed in the right size box or shipping carton.  If the box is to small you risk having pressure from outside the box break the item.  If the box is too large you risk having the item slip around and break inside the box. 

2.  Cushion the items.  even a simple piece of newspaper can prevent breakage in a cross country move if the items are packed in the box correctly.   I recommend using your towels, pillow cases, wash clothes to pack around your dishes.  We have even used socks to pack cups and mugs.  After a cross country move everything needs to be washed anyway and this way instead of a box of clothing or linens and a box of dishes with packing material we combined two boxes into one box.


Packing to Move Cross Country


What is the Cheapest Way to Move Cross Country

How To Move Cross Country

Moving across the US is a daunting task.   Depending on which part of the country you are moving from and to you could be anywhere from a couple thousand miles to nearly 3500 miles.   Moving a family, a house full of furniture, and all of the other miscellaneous items is even more overwhelming when you actually start packing and planning the trip.

Hiring a Moving Company to Move Cross Country

There are some great options for having multiple companies bid on moving you with your exact locations in mind.    Here are some things to keep in mind.  Most of the companies will try to upsell you and you need to keep that in mind when you compare their bids.   

You need to have an idea of how many rooms of furniture you will be moving.  Even a bathroom may count as a full room if you are packing everything in the bathroom (i.e. curtains, clothes hamper, shelves, linens and towels etc.).

Remember they can not move any dangerous chemicals or flammable products.   This includes propane tanks, cleaning supplies, cooking oils, and some cosmetic products.

Renting a Container to Move Across Country Cheap

There are several companies now that offer the rental of a container that they drop off at your house.  You pack and load the container yourself and schedule them to pick it up.   They then deliver the container to your new home at the time you want.  If you have an extended amount of time between pick up and delivery they may charge you a storage fee.

You will need to research the various moving pod companies, to find where to rent a cheap moving pod.

Renting a Truck to Move Yourself Cross Country

We have moved cross country six times and have used this option every time but the last time and the time the military moved us.  The cost of fuel has made it more feasible to rent a container rather than pay for gas or diesel fuel.  Every truck we have rented got less mpg than they were rated and it cost us 10 to 20 percent more in fuel than we budgeted.

You need to be very specific about how many miles and over estimate the cost of fuel.  Remember fuel costs will be higher along the interstates you will be traveling than they are in your home town.

Choose wisely between choices like Penske and U-haul.  U-haul is much easier to load because the trucks sit closer to the ground, but Penske trucks tend to drive better.


Moving Cross Country Cheap