Donating a Used Car to Charity

Donating a used car to charity is a great way to benefit your favorite nonprofit organization and get rid of the on needed vehicle from your driveway. There are some simple steps to follow when donating a used car to charity. There are also number of concerns that people have. What are the laws about donating a used car to charity? Will might donation actually be tax-deductible? How much may I Deduct when I donate a used car to charity? Would I be better off selling my car in donating the money directly to the nonprofit organization? How do I select an organization when donating a used car to charity?

What is the tax status of the charity?

One of the very first steps before donating a used car to charity is to confirm that the charity is a registered 501(c)(3) organization as outlined by the IRS. It would be best to consult your tax professional accountant or CPA and confirmed that your income also meets guidelines where it makes sense to donate a used car to charity in order to get a tax credit. Naturally if you are not concerned about a tax credit or tax deduction when donating a used car to charity then this really doesn’t matter. When donating a used car to charity you may simply sign over the title to the nonprofit organization and they will proceed with a transfer of ownership just like if you were selling the car. You may want to check with the charity to see if they would prefer to buy the car for a dollar and the benefits for them if you either give them the car or sell it to them. For a nonprofit organization that receives a donated car there are requirements about how they use the vehicle or how long they keep it which directly impact you as the giver.

donating a used car to charityWhat happens if the nonprofit organization sells my car?

Did you know that if a nonprofit organization sells a used car that you donated in the first 12 months that you may only deduct the amount that they sold the car for. This could be especially disappointing if for some reason the car were less valuable than a when donated originally. For example, the nonprofit organization used the car for 10 months and put many miles on the vehicle it would now become worth far less than when you donated. Now when they go to sell the car they may perhaps receive several thousand dollars less in sale price, and that impacts you as the donor. this could make donating a used car to charity a very disappointing experience. Ask the nonprofit organization what their plans are for the vehicles that you understand what will happen.

What about the middleman?

There are a number of organizations that will help you donate your car to nonprofit organizations. Although there may be some benefit to using a middleman, you do not need a middleman when donating a used car to charity. Simply contact the nonprofit organization or charity directly and ask them about their process for receiving a donated used car.

What if my car doesn’t run anymore?

You may think that donating a used car to charity means that the car must still be operational. The truth of the matter is that most charities would be thrilled that you are donating a used car to charity even if the automobile no longer runs. Obviously the value is significantly less as it would either need to be repaired, or sold for scrap. Don’t let the condition of your car stop you from donating a used car to charity. if you are significantly concerned, perhaps sending a picture of your car to the charity would be a great place to start and ask if they would like to receive your car as a donation. Most nonprofit organizations that would be excited about you donating a used car to charity will be prepared to have services such as towing on standby so that you do not have to incur additional expenses.

Your generosity is what keeps nonprofit organizations and charities running. Thank you for considering Donating a Used Car to Charity.


Online Law School

Online law school is an alternative choice for many people who aspire to be attorneys or lawyers but are unable to move to a University that offers a law degree like the University of Michigan.

Online Law School All Nighter

The reasons men and women decide to attend law school are as varied as the number of students.  For some of them it is about justice, for others it is all about the money and wealth they hope to obtain and for others it is aspirations of power that can be found by obtaining a seat on the bench as a judge or serving in a political capacity.

Online Law School Symbols

One thing is sure about online law school it still is intense and you may find yourself sleeping when you should be studying just like other college students.

Freshman students may want to advertise the fact that they got into online law school until they realize how pretentious this seems.  So wearing a law student t-shirt that is something that will be out by the time they reach upper class man status and will be wearing suit and tie or dress and heels to show they are now professionals.
All online law school students are taught to honor the scales of justice but for each person that has a different meaning based on the life experience they bring to the school.  Still whether a prosecutor or defense attorney the goal is to be part of finding the balance and so we need honorable good people to serve on both sides of the law.


After Online Law School Salary

Many students think about the piles of money that will be made when they graduate and become a famous litigator and rake in the six figure monthly incomes.  However parents and students after the first year realize that the pile of the money is really the tuition cost of attending law school.  This makes online law school a great option for people who don’t have a wealthy family.


Where ever a student chooses to study law and jurisprudence there will be hours and hours of studying and reading about the law.  Each branch of the law has its own set of case law to study and papers will be written and tests prepared for so that hundreds of hours go into every semester of law school.

Online Law School Money

Online Law School Preparation

Online Law School Library

Every law school student needs a library with the internet access now attending online law school you will be able to access much of what you need with a virtual library and won’t have to crack open those old dusty books to find the information you need, but just do a web search and use the vast world wide web to help you complete your projects.

Online Law School Interview


Once you have passed the LSAT exam and have qualified to attend law school, it may do well for you to interview at traditional law school campuses like Notre Dame Law School, or the USC law school so as to have an idea of what to look for in an online law school program.   These interviews prepare you for the environment you will face after you graduate and you interact with other attorneys in the firm or in the courtroom.

Online Law School Research

It all culminates when you graduate and put all that course work and class room stuff behind you.  However, graduating doesn’t guarantee that you will pass the bar in the state you live in.   You may still have hours and hours of late night studying to prepare for your bar exam.

Online Law School Graduation


You may hope to hold the gavel but remember that law school is no guarantee that you will be a judge.  The right law school  or online law school will prepare you for practicing law but you will need experience to move on from there.

Online Law School Gavel


Perhaps some day you may become the next law professor using all you learned and experienced to help the next generation of online law students to learn the basics to helping our legal system remain strong and protect the rights of all the citizens.

Online Law School Classroom


Choosing a law school goes far beyond the cost of tuition or the ease of access, the most difficult road may have the best outcome, but sometimes the more difficult road is just that harder than it needed to be – online law school may be a worthwhile consideration for you.


Why do Attorneys Earn High Hourly Rates? Is it Worth It?

Depending on what type of lawyer you hire and depending on what type of job you hire that lawyer for is the basis on which you pay them. Whether paid salary or the hourly so it’s hard to say how much they make specifically for an hourly rate. A lawyer with no experience for the first year makes anywhere between $15.11 to $29.28 an hour. Based on some examples an immigration lawyers can earn $200.00 – $400.00 an hour some other lawyers even more. Depending on the types of settlements won, some attorneys hourly rate become astronomical.

money hundred dollar bills circular display

I think whatever you decide to pay your lawyer he or she needs to take the position and work on your case top priority no matter how many cases/lawsuits he or she is responsible for. Lawyers have been known to accept jobs and be paid at very high prices that do not treat each client the same. I don’t know if it depended on him treating the clients who paid him more better but it’s not right or ethical. Each case should be handled as it comes with attention and highest priority. I think before you hire a lawyer to help with your legal issues you should evaluate previous work they have been a part of or in charge of.

I think it’s up to the person who is hiring do the extra research that takes a little more time to realize what and who you are intrusting with your legal matters. Believe me taking the extra time to research your potential legal representative is well worth the time and money. I don’t think you need to spend thousands of dollars to hire an attorney that will perform his or her duties. No matter what the charge is I think the best way to evaluate a lawyer is based on his or her past work experience. The only type of lawyer I feel you might need to spend money on if need be is a criminal defense attorney I feel your percentage rate is very low if you go with a free state appointed attorney. Not that all of them are the same but I feel as though they get a salary whether you are in prison or not.


How To Become a Legal Assistant/Legal Secretary/Paralegal

If you are still in school you can get information from a councilor on becoming a legal assistant or trade schools that specialize on these careers. You can also start by locating lawyer offices near you that might allow you to start off slow and work as a secretary allowing you to gain experience that you need. Like any other job that requires a degree you get the most experience and knowledge from hands on environment what a better place than a law office? If you decide to attend a community college or trade school make sure the (ABA) American bar association will accept the credits from the school of your choice. Because even though you go to school to become a paralegal does not mean the state automatically certifies you. Even if you receive a diploma from the school you still have to take the state exam to become certified.

how to become a paralegal legal assistant online

Most paralegals these days at least have their bachelor’s degree which is almost a must if you want to work for a big organization. When searching for a school to attend one thing to look out for is a school that offers internships for their students. Make sure you research your options as well some schools even offer specialty courses that prepare you for specific types of lawyers for an example if you want to assist in corporate law you would take an extra class that covers everything you need to know as a corporate legal secretary.

How to Become a Legal Assistant/Legal Secretary/Paralegal

Take the extra time to learn software and programs you may need to know when working in a law office. There are other options as well such as taking classes on line giving you more freedom and time if you’re not able to stop working to attend school. After you have received proper education and your license the next thing to do is prepare a cover letter and resume stating you meet the states qualifications make sure to list skills that you have that enables you to perform the job you are applying for. Search the internet for local law offices and start your job search by sending out your resume.

Can you become a paralegal online? Check your states requirements. Each state has specific guidelines are requirements that will outline your choices on How to Become a Legal Assistant/Legal Secretary/Paralegal


How to Become a Lawyer

cornell law school classroom

Many aspiring lawyers and attorneys start with a simple question from a young person about wanting to learn how to become a lawyer. In order to become a working lawyer it is required that you attend an accredited institution where you can receive your bachelors degree. Make sure you major on a topic relating to your career of choice. Pre-law study groups should be formed considering the fact you will have to take your (LSAT) Law School Aptitude test.

On the path of how to become a lawyer you also should do additional research into specific law schools and what the exact requirements are to be accepted.  Make sure you have all your test scores and information ready to send out. Once you have decided on the schools of your choice make sure to forward a copy of your (LSAT) scores. If these scores are not up to your standards consider on taking a prep course to help you raise your test scores. After you are satisfied and have completed these enter into an accredited school of law to take all the proper classes that will prepare you for your career as a lawyer.

yale law school education

While in school you should clerk for a law office or judge if possible try to get a job that allows you to view lawyers in practice to get yourself familiar with laws and procedures. After graduation would be the best time to take the bar exam (ABA) and working close to people with related law jobs will help you advance when you take this test. After you have passed the bar exam and receive your license in order to practice law as a lawyer you may now find a law firm to work for and if you decide to open your own practice which most lawyers consider you would have had proper experience that enables you to do so.

Each state has different rules and regulations you have to take into consideration whether you’re working for a law firm or owning your own practice. These are the steps one must take in order to become a lawyer in America.

How to Become a Lawyer


Public Defenders – Should I use a Public Defender?

Public defenders are assigned to those that have been charged with committing a crime and cannot afford to hire a personal attorney. To become a public defense attorney you are required to have completed a accredited law school and the process of getting admitted into take the bar exam in the state you wish to work as a attorney. Out of all the different types of attorneys this specific type of lawyer receives less pay than any other type. It has been reported an entry level public defender earns about 45,700 a year. Like any other job the more experience you have the higher your salary becomes within five years it is estimated the pay is 62,280 and 76,160 in eleven years.

Since this is a government job they get paid whether they win or lose the case this job also has a very high turnover rate so positions are always available. A public defending attorney position can be a great way to get your foot through the door and gain some experience after you get done with law school considering the fact the state allows you to work as a full time independent attorney even if you have no past work history. This job also requires you to do the middle man work such as your own research, appointments, paperwork and back round checks basically various odd jobs other attorneys pay to have completed. It has also been stated this job comes with a high stress environment when working with accused criminals that can become violent and threatening at times. You should always expect the unexpected with this position you will be working with people of different race, religion, and back round and up bringing you have to learn to adapt in order to perform your job.

Should I use a Public Defender

Should I use a Public Defender?

I feel that there are some public defenders that do care and take pride in helping those that are unable to pay for a personal attorney although the percentage I could count with my fingers. For the most part I consider PUBLIC PRETENDERS the reason our prisons are completely over packed with people that do not need to be incarcerated. Don’t get me wrong individuals that have committed crimes and have been found guilty should pay for their crime. However I think if you are paid regardless if your client is found guilty or not they could careless their pay check will still be there at the end of the month.

Like anything, there are 2 sides to every coin – perhaps the bias is based on a limited sampling and your experience may vary. This should help your path on understanding the answern Should I use a Public Defender

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