Winter Holiday Coloring Pages

Winter Holiday Coloring Pages

Winter Holiday Coloring Pages is all of the fun things about celebrating winter and the time of season that is waiting for the rebirth in the cycle of life.   All of nature is lying dormant under the snow but full of vitality and waiting to spring out of the earth.  In the mean time it is time to have fun.   Build snowman while wearing warm fuzzy mittens and when you are all done you run into the house to have a steaming hot cup of cocoa.

Winter Holidays Coloring Pages Snowman Skating


Winter Holidays Coloring Pages Hot Cocoa




Winter Holiday Coloring Pages Mittens


Winter Holiday Coloring Pages Igloo

Winter Holiday Coloring Pages

If you are really daring you might try building your own igloo in the snow.  It is harder than most children think and takes alot of work and when you are done it just does not feel very warm.  You may wonder how anyone could ever live in a snow hut like the Inuit of Alaska.

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