Transformers Coloring Pages

One of the best mecha animations which were introduced in the past was Transformers. Transformers is all about the two warring factions; The Autobots which was led by Optimus Prime, the main protagonist of the series and The Decepticons led by Megatron, the story’s main antagonist. Their feud brings them to planet earth wherein they meet the humans Spike and his father who became their allies as they continue to battle with The Decepticons who plan to harness all the energon they can harness in planet earth and eventually dominate it.

Transformers Coloring Pages 02

The Transformers is one of those memorable cartoons which have become a legacy up until the present. The series was known for its iconic characters like Optimus Prime, the charismatic and benevolent leader of the autobots. He is matched by a few and though he does not have much firepower himself, he has the courage and determination to compensate. He can transform from robot form into a ten-wheeler trailer. Megatron on the other hand, is the story;’s main protagonists who turns into a Walther P38 while his other weapon, the fusion cannon becomes its scope.

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The series has already evolved countless times and in the movies, the design of Optimus Prime and Megatron has been changed as compared to their original appearance. One of the best ways to introduce your children to The Transformers legacy is through the Transformers coloring pages. Not only will this spark their creativity but this will help them become more familiar with the characters of the series. What makes the Transformers coloring pages cool is that the images offers the opportunity to your kids to be able to develop their coloring skills since some of the characters require a bit of discipline when it comes to coloring them. Overall, the Transformers coloring pages is a good option for your children to enjoy.

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