Shake it Up Coloring Pages

Shake it Up Coloring Pages

Shake it Up Coloring Pages is the dynamic duo of Cece and Rocky who have their own Disney Channel Television show.   Their show is full of all the things that middle school and preteen girls love.  They have lots of music and dancing and all of the things that girls love to do.  This sitcom show stars Bella Thorne and Zendaya as the main characters who are back up dancers on a Chicago television show.

Shake it Up Coloring Pages

Shake it Up Coloring Pages

Not only do we get to follow Cece and Rocky in their attempts to launch their dancing career, but we also get to follow them through their life at school.  They have all the issues of normal teen girls with arguments between each other and figuring out their crushes on the boys in their class at school.    Season two in 2012 ended with a ninety minute special called Made in Japan.  It has been renewed for a third season with only minor changes to the cast.

You can color this picture to match Rocky and Cece outfits from the actual show.  You could make a lot of copies and try to keep up with all the different clothes they wear on every episode.

Shake it Up Coloring Pages are one of our many themes for our free printable coloring pages.  Just save the image to your computer click print and have it print to the size of your paper.


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