Santa Coloring Pages

Santa Coloring Pages

Santa Coloring Pages is a variety of pictures of the big man himself.  Jolly Old Saint Nicholas or perhaps you know him better as Santa Claus.  He is fun and his big belly will shake like a bowl full of jelly.  He lives on hot chocolate, candy canes and gingerbread cookies.   He is full of delicious magic that helps him fit down the chimney and fly around the nation to every house in one night.   He won’t ever appear to those who don’t believe in him but sometimes in the middle of the night good children might catch sight of him.

Santa Coloring Pages

He makes a list of naughty and nice, but he really hopes to put every boy and girl on his nice list.   He checks it over and over again to find any reason he can to move everyone to the good side.


Santa Coloring Pages Naught & Nice


Santa Coloring Pages Fireplace


Santa Coloring Pages Cocoa


Santa Coloring Pages Christmas

Santa Coloring Pages

Dressed in velvet red and white fur trim his long flowing white beard makes him such a majestic figure.


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