Red Cross Coloring Pages

Red Cross Coloring Pages

Red Cross Coloring Pages is all about the organization that helps communities in our country and around the world at times of emergency.  Whether it is a natural disaster like a hurricane or earthquake, or a fire or flood, the American Red Cross will bring food clean water and medical help to those in distress.

Red Cross also in times without disasters coordinates blood drives to have people donate blood for the ill and those having surgery.

Red Cross Coloring Pages Supply Truck


The American Red Cross and the Red Crescent use all kinds of volunteers both professional and manual labors to load supplies, drive vehicles do clean up work and medical professionals to actually treat the injured and wounded.


Red Cross Coloring Pages

Red Cross Coloring Pages

The Red Cross knows that one of the ways they can help is by educating people to have an emergency plan.  The emergency plan will save lives and prevent injury.   Please take time to create your own emergency plan.

Red Cross Be Ready Coloring Pages


If you are able to contribute to those who have been impacted by the disaster please go to Red Cross and ask your parents to help you give to those who are in need.

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