Kentucky Coloring Pages

Kentucky Coloring Pages

Kentucky Coloring Pages is a state that is mix of extreme poverty in the Appalachian Mountains and extreme wealth in the rolling valleys of the South east with all the horse breeders and horse farms near the Kentucky Derby which is run at Church Hill Downs as the first leg of the Triple Crown races.    The reason for the horse farms springing up in this area is the bluegrass which grows best in the area has the best nutritional value of all grasses for horses.

At the Kentucky Derby make sure you wear a big hat, love mint juleps and know the words to “My Old Kentucky Home”

Kentucky Coloring Pages

Kentucky Coloring Pages

The children in the eastern Mountains of Kentucky are among the poorest in the country much of the land was decimated by coal mining and other industry that was careless and abusive.   The profit in growing tobacco plummeted and now they eke out a living barely.

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