Indiana Coloring Pages

Indiana Coloring Pages

Indiana Coloring Pages is a small farming state in the middle of the country.  Indiana is full of dairy farms, corn fields and soy beans.  There are few moderate sized cities but mostly small farming communities.   The state is home to the Indiana Hoosiers of such fame that a movie was named for the school team name.   Notre Dame is a large Catholic University in the northern part of the state and The Fighting Irish have had success in both football and basketball.   They have fame for the movie Rudy but the line “do it for the Gipper” comes from a speech given by Knute Rockne in honor of George Gipp a varsity athlete.


Indianna Coloring Pages

Indiana Coloring Pages

Every year the last week of May brings excitement and new life to Indianapolis.  The Indy 500 is run on the brickyard and is the  most well known of the Indy Car Races.  Nascar also runs on the track also but nothing compares to the excitement of more than a hundred years of car racing.  If you are looking for Indy 500 Tickets.

Coloring Pages for Boys are free and printable



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