Georgia Coloring Pages

Georgia Coloring Pages

Georgia Coloring Pages is one of the oldest states, but it has an odd history.  It was originally settled as a prison colony.  With its mixed history it also has a mixed geography, climate and culture.   Atlanta has been one of the fast growing cities in the country and has become a air transportation hub for traffic to Europe.   Atlanta has hosted the Olympics and is home to many international companies.  All the growth has really taxed the infrastructure and they have been trying for decades to get ahead of the growth.

Although Georgia is the Peach State, there are more peaches grown in South Carolina than in Georgia.

Georgia Coloring Pages

Georgia Coloring Pages

If you visit Atlanta you may see one of the greatest Engineering Schools Georgia Tech but make sure you stop to see the international headquarters for Coca-Cola

Fun coloring pages free are ready for you to print and color


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