Coloring Contest Free

Coloring Contest

Coloring Contest for kids is our the first ever free colouring contest that we have done.  All you need to do is download and print this picture (make sure you choose to fit it to the page) and then color it.   The winner will be drawn from all the beautiful coloring pages.

coloring contest


WIN FREE BOX OF 120 CrayolaTM Crayons

It’s simple to enter: Join our free Coloring Community on Facebook by liking us at Free Coloring Pages.  It doesn’t cost a thing. Then take a photo of your coloring page from our webpage and put it on our wall at


Coloring Contest Trophy

Coloring Contest Details!

We will draw the winners.   The contest is open for anyone age 3 to 17.  Only one submission per child. Void where prohibited. Parental permission required as needed. It’s Free – There is absolutely no charge to enter this coloring contest.



First place will receive

Second Place will receive

Third Place will receive

This is only the beginning of our contest and following the end of this contest we will announce the next contest.  Please follow the community postings on facebook or here on our website to find each new coloring contest.


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