Angry Birds Coloring pages

Angry Birds Coloring pages

Angry Birds Coloring pages is the game that became a sensation as a smart phone application and video game.     The birds of various sizes shapes and colors are shot out of a sling shot toward buildings and platforms that are holding pigs.  The birds have different abilities to get through different surfaces like wood, ice, and brick. Using a combination of skills the player has to knock down everything and the pigs vanish and then you move on to a new level with different birds, pigs and structures.

Angry Birds Coloring pages free to print

It takes a little bit of an engineer and artist to see the best way to solve the puzzle of the game and solve it before you run out of sling shot shots.   If you love the game check out the official Angry Birds website.

Angry Birds Coloring Pages Girls


Angry Birds Coloring Pages Pigs


Angry Birds Coloring Pages Red


Angry Birds Coloring Pages


Angry Birds Coloring pages

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