About Us

A group of us have been having formal and informal conversations for several years.   These conversations involve a vast number of subjects and topics because of the diversity of our group.   The group includes a twenty two year old self taught philosopher,   An entrepreneur who has started dozens of businesses, fifteen year old high school graduate, a theology and philosophy professional, a feminist, autistic teenager, a mother, writer, pastor, software developer, marketing agent, salesman, student, stay at home dad. disabled veteran, waitress, special needs care giver, etc.…

Ginormasource would like to invite you into the conversations of an interesting group of family and friends as if you were one of us.   These conversations are interesting and intriguing due to the varying passion and significance of each conversation.   We share what we read, what we see on the internet, what we have researched because of health issues or home repair.   We talk about our travel experiences and the meaning of life.  We talk about parenting skills and how to keep our dogs from getting loose.  We share our favorite recipes and or a new poem.   We critique television shows and books.     It is all an ongoing exchange of ideas and information that we care about because we care about each other and it is part of the fabric of our relationships to have these conversations.

This group has diverse interest in the topics that make up the different segments of ginormasource.   The conversations that we have as a whole group or different parts travel the world both in geography, history, and ideally.    You may find like I do that some of the topics like a high end diaper bag are not as interesting to you for more than passing perusal and other topics may generate deep inter-reflection between you and the topic or between you and others meditating on the same idea.